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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Warlord 29 - Travis Morgan and his old brigade, and Wizard World ends

Wizard World comes to an end in Warlord 29 (Jan 80). Once again, Grell does that story solo, and has Colletta inking the lead tale.

Travis Morgan is nearing Shamballah, and comes across his old brigade, the ones he lead waaay back at the beginning of the series, after the slave rebellion. To his dismay, they have become rampaging and deadly brigands since his departure. This is largely due to their new leader, the man who picked up Machiste's axe after Morgan severed his hand. Like Machiste, the man is now bloodthirsty and crazed, and Morgan is forced to battle him.

Stupidly, the guy picks the caldera of a live volcano for the site of the fight. Morgan doesn't even need to defeat him, the volcano erupts and kills him.

The men turn to Morgan to become their leader once again, but he refuses. He tells them to take responsibility for their own lives and actions, and continues on his way back to Shamballah.

The Wizard Wold back-up comes to a quick ending. Mongo Ironhand has succeeded in invoking the three headed dog, which turns out to be pretty nasty. Machiste and Mariah Romanova keep from being eaten by it until Mongo finds a spell to make it cute and harmless.

Mongo is far too inept to be able to send Machiste and Mariah back to their own time, which is apparent long before he actually admits it.

So the three head off to find a better wizard, one who can. Shades of Wizard of Oz here. The three return in the main Warlord series a few months down the road. It will be a few years before there is another actual Wizard World back up story.

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