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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Warlord 30 - Travis Morgan and the woodcutter

Grell and Colletta pull off a surprising cameo in the full length tale in Warlord 30 (Feb. 80).

Morgan is approaching Shamballah, and has to fight off some nasty creatures along the way. There is beautiful art but nothing particularly special in the first half of the issue. Then he spots the Theran army, on the march and heading towards Shamballah.

Morgan avoids being seen by the army, and rushes to warn some Shamballahan villages of the coming soldiers. He runs into a woodcutter, and enlists the man's help. The woodcutter is reluctant to run off to warn a village when his wife and child are in a cabin directly in the route of the soldiers, but Morgan insists he will help the man protect his family. So they both head off and each warns one of the villages.

By the time they return the soldiers are nearing the cabin. Morgan holds them off at a bridge near a waterfall while the man rushes home. And guess what? This is the same couple that were given Joshua Morgan, Travis' son, by the witch Ashiya. Joshua is even shown with Morgan's watch on his arm, in case reader's forgot. 

The man gets his family to safety, and then helps Morgan by setting loose all his timber, which comes crashing over the falls and destroys the bridge. Morgan has no idea how close he came to seeing his son again, and rushes towards Shamballah to warn them of the Theran army.

Joshua is not seen again for a couple of years.

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