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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Warlord 31 - Travis Morgan flies to Shamballah

Travis Morgan winds up reaching, and passing, his goal in the Grell and Colletta tale from Warlord 31 (March 1980).

While fighting a pack of wild dogs, Travis Morgan falls into an ancient chamber, filled with gold. There are trolls guarding it, but they appear to be dead. Morgan finds an inscription by Mongo Ironhand explaining that the Wizard Kings were under threat by the Evil One, and created the temple to hide their wealth in case of attack. Though Morgan considers all that he could do with the gold, he opts not to take any. Wise move. On the other hand, his attention is drawn by a really nice looking shield, which he decides to take to replace his lost one.

Bad idea. This brings the trolls to life, and he has to battle them. And it gets worse. The trolls get defeated by exposure to light, but that also brings the shield to life, as a giant black bird emerges from it, picks up Morgan, and flies off.

The bird flies right over Shamballah. Morgan does get to see Tara, who has made it back home, but she doesn't see him. The bird flies far past Shamballah, across a sea, before a lightning blot hits it. Morgan winds up landing on an island.

Gotta love it that he almost made it back, but now is worse off than before.

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