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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Warlord 32 - Shakira debuts

A new supporting cast member gets added by Grell and Colletta in Warlord 3 (April 1980), Shakira.

Travis Morgan is on the island he landed on at the end of the previous issue, and gets confronted by two nasty giants. He kills one, but gets taken captive by the other and brought to the queen.

It turns out the giants, or Titans, are the last few of an ancient race. There are normal humans on the island as well, who view the giants as gods, and live as their slaves. Morgan is not keen on that idea at all. He meets another of the normal sized people, Shakira, who tries to help him escape. That doesn't go so well, and Morgan kills two more of the giants, leaving only the queen and two others.

We learn that Shakira was the queen's favourite, and that she was always treated well, but refused to submit to being controlled. The queen takes Shakira's betrayal hard, and sends both her and Morgan into an arens to be killed by a giant boar-type thing. Shakira shows some very impressive skills, avoiding the boar and leading it to crash into the arena directly below where the queen is seated, breaking it open and killing the queen. Morgan then takes out the last two giants. The other people are terrified, and flee.

As the issue ends we see Shakira change into a cat. But is she a cat who can become a woman, or a woman who can turn into a cat? It's much like the Cobra Queen from a few issues back.

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