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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Warlord 33 - attack of the Hawkmen

Great cover for the Grell and Colletta story in Warlord 33 (May 1980).

Travis Morgan and Shakira can't catch a break. As soon as they leave the town of the giants they get attacked by flying hawkmen. Morgan manages to get away, but the hawkmen fly off with Shakira.

Morgan crashes to the ground, and winds up in a village of tiny, munchkin-like people. They are played for comedy, and between that and their general appearance, make me think of Mongo Ironhand, though I am not sure if that is intentional. At first they think Morgan is a hawkman, but once they notice he lacks wings they explain how the hawkmen keep capturing them and taking them prisoner.

They lead Morgan to the giant tree where the hawkmen have their nest. It is far too large for the little people to climb, but Morgan is determined to get his cat back, and climbs the tree.

In the nest, which is empty when he arrives, he sees piles of human bones, and realizes the hawkmen are actually eating the little people, not taking them prisoner. He ambushes the hawkmen when they return with Shakira, and sets fire to their nest. The only escape is to jump down into the water below. Shakira, in cat fashion, has no desire to do this but Morgan grabs and jumps. Shakira winds up safe, but none too pleased about her dip in the ocean.

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