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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Warlord 36 - Travis Morgan feels bad

Warlord 36 (Aug 80) contains the first Grell and Colletta story in this book that I just don't care for.

By and large it follows a standard format. Travis Morgan and Shakira head into a village, and Travis winds up saving a girl from being attacked by a member of the assassin's guild. The woman runs off, Travis follows her, and keeps on saving her life.

Travis seems to fall instantly in love with the girl, despite being on his way back to Shamballah to re-unite with Tara.

Out of the blue Deimos becomes a part of the story. This feels completely gratuitous. Even worse, Deimos announces that now he simply will come back to life every time Morgan kills him. So when Morgan kills him yet again, it has no real meaning.

The girl is appalled at how Morgan enjoys violence, and rejects him. He winds up in tears because of this. There is one really good panel where he figures out that his problems are of his own making, more than of Deimos', but it still all rubs me the wrong way.

Deimos returns a couple of months down the road.

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