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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Warlord 7 - the evil axe

Travis Morgan helps Mariah Romanova acclimate to Skartaris in Grell's tale in Warlord 7 (June/July 1977).

Since Morgan has no idea where to find Tara's home, Shamballah, he follows directions mentioned by Machiste to his city, Kiro. Mariah gets attacked as soon as they arrive, and Morgan explains that she needs to blend in, and has her given a make-over. We also get a sense of the weird way time works here, as while Mariah was getting bathed and dressed, two days pass for Morgan. 

The pair then get attacked again, and brought to the leader of the city, who turns out to be Machiste. Morgan's old friend relates how, after they parted, he came across the skeletal remains of a man with a severed hand, holding a distinctive axe. Machiste picked up the axe, and now cannot put it down. The axe has also, it is apparent, taken control of his mind, and made him violent and barbarous. 

Morgan winds up once again in a fight to the death with his friend.

The fight ends when Morgan severs Machiste's hand, releasing him from theh axe's control. Mariah is quick on the mark, using a torch to cauterize the wound. Machiste is appreciative, but we see another man pick up the axe as the tale concludes.

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