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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Warlord 8 - the city in the sky

Grell sends Travis Morgan, Mariah Romanova and Machiste on an aerial adventure in Warlord 8 (Aug/Sept. 77).

The three are hanging out on a terrace in Machiste's palace when some giant, pterodactyl-like birds swoop down. Machiste now has a spiked metal ball replacing his severed hand. One of the birds grabs Mariah and flies away. Morgan grabs one of the other birds in order to follow, and Machiste reluctantly comes along as well.

This is really a very simple story, enlivened immensely by Grell's art. The birds bring the men to a flying city, which is the home of a cyborg and a bunch of robot servants. The man seems all friendly at first, having dinner with Mariah when the others arrive.

But he has acquired a taste for human flesh, and sends the birds out to gather "meat" for him. He wants to rape Mariah and eat the guys, but when she is not keen on that is willing to skip the sex and just eat her as well.

Together the three defeat the cyborg. It's not easy, as he is in total mental control of everything in the city, but they do. Without the cyborg controlling it, the city starts to fall apart. The three grab gliders and escape into a wintry environment.

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