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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Warlord 9 - the snow monster

Grell gives Travis Morgan, Mariah Romanova and Machiste an adventure in a cold and wintry part of Skartaris in Warlord 9 (Oct/Nov 77).

Morgan theorizes that the reason this region is so cold, despite the rest of Skartaris being tropical, is that there is permanent cloud cover, preventing the eternal sun from warming it. The group have to fight off bears and wolves, and we even see mammoths. Morgan gets seriously wounded, while Mariah and Machiste are carried off by people riding the mammoths.

Morgan is left to die, but gets rescued by what seems like a butterfly woman. He wakes with his wounds all healed, but the butterfly woman is nowhere to be seen.

Instead there is a snow ape type creature in the cave. Morgan starts to fight it, until he spots intelligence and sorrow in the creature's eyes, and realizes that it was really this "monster" that saved and tended to him. The snow ape is mute, but indicates to Morgan the city his friends have been taken to.

Machiste and Mariah are trussed up, as though they are to be sacrificed. Morgan swoops in to try to save them, and the snow ape shows up to help as well.

The ape gets killed, but this just releases the butterfly woman. It's a Beauty and the Beast thing, as the butterfly woman explains that she was cursed to inhabit the snow ape body until someone could see past it to the real her inside.

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