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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Secret Society of Super-Villains 3 - Mantis vs the Secret Society

Kraft and Marcos are joined by Vince Colletta on Secret Society of Super-Villains 3 (Sept/Oct 76). As much as I loved the first two issues, this one thrilled me so much I insisted on bringing it to school with me to read over and over.

Picking up from the end of the previous issue, Manhunter and Star Sapphire are the only ones left standing after the attack by Mantis and his followers, and they abandon Captain Comet, Captain Cold and Grodd to go get reinforcements. Manhunter heads back to base to gather more members of the Secret Society, while Star Sapphire heads out to find a hero to help them.

And Copperhead is back! He gets tossed into jail, but almost immediately broken out. We do not see who is behind his rescue, but Copperhead doesn't look to happy about it.

One scene I really loved has Captain Boomerang and Mirror Master, out of costume, grabbing lunch at a fast food place, and stealing it rather than paying for it. It makes for such an entertaining touch. 

Back at headquarters, as the villains squabble lightly amongst themselves, Manhunter shows up and explains about Darkseid, and Mantis capturing the three members of the team. Sinestro and the Wizard, not being from Earth, have no stakes in the matter, but go along for the ride. Great panel of Manhunter leading the Wizard, Sinestro, Captain Boomerang, Mirror Master and Hi-Jack out against Darkseid, while the butler spies on them. Never trust the butler.

Star Sapphire manages to find Green Lantern, who is searching for Captain Comet and the others who defeated him last issue. He believes Star Sapphire, to a degree at least, and agrees to follow her back to Mantis' lair.

Mirror Master uses one of his gimmicks to allow the Society members to walk right into Mantis' base without being seen, and then they have their re-match, which goes much better than the previous attack.

With Mantis defeated and the three Society members free, Manhunter openly proclaims that the group will prevent Darkseid's plans for conquering Earth. But Darkseid has been monitoring all of this, and sends his bestial son, Kalibak, to Earth to destroy the Society. Kalibak and Darkseid had last been seen in 1st Issue Special a few months before this.

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