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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Secret Society of Super-Villains 5 - Captain Comet meets the Justice League

There are big changes all around in Secret Society of Super-Villains 5 (Jan/Feb 77), as Bob Rozakis takes over scripting, while Rich Buckler takes over the pencils on Colletta's inks.

Picking up from the end of the previous issue, Darkseid sends the Black Racer away, deciding to give Mantis one more chance, ordering him to defend Darkseid against the Secret Society members coming after him, Manhunter, Captain Comet, Captain Cold, Captain Boomeraing, Star Sapphire and Mirror Master.

Darkseid himself tries to leave, calling up a Boom Tube. I had no idea what that was when I read this story, so when Manhunter blows himself up to kill Darkseid I thought he had succeeded, even though Black Racer doesn't actually make contact with either of them. This effectively ends the Fourth World connection to the book. Darkseid returns in a few months when New Gods gets revived. Mantis is not seen again until the New Gods miniseries in 1984, and the Black Racer is not seen again until after Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Following the explosion the team more or less breaks up. Captain Boomerang, Captain Cold and Mirror Master all leave the team, at least for the moment, returning to the pages of Flash over the next couple of months. 

Sinestro doesn't stick around, either. Funky Flashman makes his pitch to Sinestro and the Wizard, coming off as such a con artist, arguing that the only thing the villains need to make them a popular success is good publicity. Sinestro thinks it's all a load of shit, and leaves.

Green Lantern and Captain Comet recover from the explosion, and Lantern brings Comet up to the JLA satellite, introducing him to the League. Superman, Green Arrow, Hawkman and Elongated Man are there, and learn about Comet and the Secret Society. Green Arrow gets to be his usual rude self, but even Green Lantern is forced to take a back seat, being on monitor duty, when they discover Sinestro attacking San Fracisco, out to destroy the Secret Society's building.

Captain Comet gives himself a new mission in this final part of the book, to round up all the former members of the Secret Society.

Hawkman accompanies Comet and they prevent the earthquake Sinestro is causing. Comet is the one to actually take the villain down, which may well be why Hawkman makes Comet an honourary member of the Justice League in his next appearance, in DC Special.

Sinestro returns a few months down the road in the Green Lantern revival.

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