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Saturday, 13 January 2018

Tales of the Teen Titans 56 - new members for the Fearsome Five

Chuck Patton joins Wolfman and DeCarlo as the final new story arc begins in Tales of the Teen Titans 56 (Aug 85).

Raven plays a small role in the story, right at the top of the issue. She is barely able to control all the negative Trigon-ish feelings within her, but still finds herself drawn to people in pain and trouble. She stops a terrorist attack, but almost winds up killing them all.

Psimon is now solidly in control of the Fearsone Five, and leads Mammoth, Shimmer and Gizmo in recruiting a couple of new members for their team, deciding that strength in numbers is more important that an accurate count of team members.

And Cyborg undergoes the operation to give him human looking parts, performed by Jenet Klyburn.

The Fearsome Five fight their way into a facility holding the first of the new villains for their team, despite the efforts of Nightwing, Starfire and Wonder Girl to stop them. We do not see who is in the chamber they steal, but Shimmer has found a better way to use her powers, temporarily making a wall intangible, then allowing it to solidify around Wonder Girl, trapping her in the middle of it.

The story continues in the next issue.

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