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Saturday, 13 January 2018

Tales of the Teen Titans 57 - Cyborg gets a new body

Wolfman, Patton and DeCarlo give Cyborg a human look in Tales of the Teen Titans 57 (Sept 85).

The story begins in a fairly light hearted way. First, Cyborg wakes up after his operation, finding himself in the human looking body we see on the cover. Then we catch up with Nightwing, Starfire, Changeling, Wonder Girl and Jericho playing around in Steve Dayton's pool. Jenet Klyburn introduces Cyborg to Dr Sarah Charles, who becomes his personal trainer.

Sarah Charles pushes Cyborg, which takes a lot, given that he is an athlete who likes to push himself anyway.

Psimon, Shimmer, Mammoth and Gizmo meet their new team member, Jinx, who has some poorly defined mystical abilities, but needs to be in contact with the ground in order to use them. Then they go after Neutron, a villain who fought Superman with his nuclear punch a couple of years earlier.  In order to stabilize Neutron's powers, The Fearsome Five then attack STAR Labs, to kidnap Jenet Klyburn. They don't recognize Cyborg, which is logical, and he passes himself off as Klyburn's assistant, so they take him as well.

Klyburn and Cyborg rig Neutron's chamber to explode when it opens, in hopes of escaping from the villains in the chaos that follows. This more or less succeeds, except that Cyborg's body starts to reject the polymers used in the operation, leaving him disintegrating and dying, as Psimon confronts the mayor and the rest of the Titans, threatening to blow up the city.

The story concludes in the next issue.

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