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Monday, 30 April 2018

Arion, Lord of Atlantis 24 - Garn Danuuth, Lord of Atlantis

Kupperberg, Sherman-Tereno and Smith deliver up another fight between Garn Danuuth and Arion, Lord of Atlantis in issue 24 (Oct 84).

Picking up from the end of the previous issue, Wyynde has Arion at his mercy, but Garn Danuuth gives the thumbs up, and Arion does not get killed.

This helps back up the illusion that Garn is now a good guy. King D'Tilluh trusts him, and even Lady Chian has fallen in love with him. Arion winds up leaving the city, and then Garn feels it is safe to drop his act. He is working with the spirit of his dead mother, whose magic has enabled him to convince others that his heart is now pure.

Arion sneaks back into the city that night, and communicates once again with the spirit of his dead father, even though in a couple of previous tales the last of his dead father's spirit had moved on. Yet again Arion gets into battle wit Garn Danuuth. This time Arion opens a portal into the dark realm, and both enter it. Arion buries Garn alive, but is trapped in the dark realm himself.

Arion, Lord of Atlantis 23 - the arena

Arion, Lord of Atlantis finally makes it back home in the Kupperberg and Duursema tale from issue 23 (Sept 84). 

The opening scene of this issue is the same as the closing scene of the previous one. Wynnde's little brother, Nightfire, has spent a few issues moping because the team doesn't include him in their fights. Moping seems to be a Wynnde family trait. Nightfire decides to stay on with Blloodmoor and his crew on the Black Unicorn, and bids his brother goodbye.

Arion, Wynnde, Mara and Lady Chian then return to Atlantis, where a huge new arena has been constructed. Arion tries to warn King D'Tilluh about Garn Danuuth being free again, but the king doesn't seem to care at all. Or really, about much of anything other than the arena and the tournaments that take place there. He orders Arion and crew to start training fighters.

Arion is reluctant to waste his skills this way, but agrees. Lady Chian and Wyynde also think it is silly at first, but as time passes they become more and more into the fighting, and less and less concerned with Garn Danuuth.

Noticing how his friends have changed, Arion demands another audience with King D'Tilluh, but is refused. He finds out he has lost the position of High Mage, and that D'Tilluh has appointed Garn Danuuth in his place. Garn pretends to have turned to the good side, and even Arion cannot find a trace of evil within him, but still doesn't trust him. Wyynde winds up taking Garn's side when the pair argue, and Wyynde challenges Arion to a fight in the arena. The cover image is also the climax of the tale, with Wyynde having defeated Arion, and the life or death decision in Garn Danuuth's hands.

Arion, Lord of Atlantis 22 - putting in to port

Cara Sherman-Tereno joins Kupperberg and Smith for Arion, Lord of Atlantis 22 (Aug 84).

The really icky sea monster that Arion is seen fighting on the cover is even larger in the story itself, though is only around for the first couple of pages, before getting slain.

The Black Unicorn pulls into port, and Arion, Wynnde, Lady Chian and Mara debark, along with Bloodmoor and his crew, including the guy who has Garn Danuuth's golden form. A fair bit of this issue consists of recaps of previous events, and I suppose coming into port and ending a voyage is as good a place as any for doing that.

Garn gets released from his golden form, but chooses to leave the city rather than fight Arion once more. Makes sense, as he has lost every battle with his brother.

Arion, Lord of Atlantis 21 - sailing the Black Unicorn

Arion, Lord of Atlantis sails the high seas in the Kupperberg, Duursema and Smith tale from issue 21 (July 1984). 

For much of this tale Arion, Lady Chian, Wyynde and Mara sail with Captain Bloodmoor on the Black Unicorn, fighting other ships sea monsters and such.

The big battle comes against a sea god, Altana. And it all looks great.

One of Bloodmoor's crew has plans to betray his captain, steal the "statue" of Garn Danuuth and have it melted down once they reach port.

Arion defeats the sea god, almost dying in the process, but once again is saved by Wyynde's mermaid wife. Wyynde just keeps moping and moping.

Arion, Lord of Atlantis 20 - Captain Bloodmoor

Kupperberg, Duursema and Smith send Arion and his friend onto the high seas in Arion, Lord of Atlantis 20 (June 1984).

I'm not really enjoying Arion much, but I found my interest increased in this issue, thanks to the charming rogue pirate, Captain Bloodmoor, who swashbuckles enjoyably into the lives of Arion, Lady Chain, Mara and Wyynde, capturing them all.

Bloodmoor also finds Garn Danuuth, turned to gold. Arion tries to warn him not to take his evil brother, but of course Bloodmoor and his pirate crew believe it to be a statue, and won't listen.

So off they all sail on the Black Unicorn. Bloodmoor intends to ransom Arion and his friends, but cannot resist it when Arion challenges him to combat for their freedom.

It's a well illustrated fight, and of course Arion wins.

Bloodmoor is as good as his word, and gives them all their freedom. He is impressed that Arion did not kill him when he had a chance. Wyynde spends much of the story really mopey, wanting to stay out on the seas to be near his mermaid wife.

Arion, Lord of Atlantis 19 - Arion trapped underwater

Kupperberg and Duursema are joined by Rodin Rodriguez for Arion, Lord of Atlantis 19 (May 1984).

The story picks up after the ending of the previous issue, after Wyynde's village was destroyed by a tidal wave sent by Garn Danuuth. Only Wyynde and his younger brother, Nightfire, survived, or so they believe.

Arion's main exclamation is "Deedra's chains," and Deedra actually appears in this tale. Garn Danuuth has been bound with her chains, and Deedra tries to ensure that he cannot escape from her mystical links. Garn summons a demon to battle Deedra, and it succeeds in driving the magical entity away.

Deedra alerts Arion before she leaves, giving him some power. Arion heads underwater to fight Garn again, but while doing so gets enchanted by the demon, so that he cannot survive out of the water. 

But Arion also cannot breathe underwater indefinitely, and wound drown, but Fawndancer, Wyynde's wife, who has been transformed into a sea creature by Garn, saves him.

Arion gives the magic back to Deedra, who uses it to turn Garn into gold. Lady Chian doesn't do much this time, but is happy to cuddle with Arion as the story ends.

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Arion, Lord of Atlantis 18 - an inland tidal wave

A flood does take place in the Kupperberg, Duursema and Smith tale from Arion, Lord of Atlantis 18 (April 1984), but it's not the legendary one.

Picking up from the end of the previous issue, Garn Danuuth has emerged from Arion's body, facially scarred from his time within. Garn's magic causes chaos throughout the town, and Wyynde, Mara and Lady Chian all get caught in the fighting.

Garn creates a tidal wave, inundating the town. This is kind of surprising, as Wyynde's town really hasn't been shown to be coastal, but it is magical, after all.

Arion does manages to defeat Garn Danuuth again, chaining him up and leaving him under the water.

But it's not much of a victory. Almost all of Wyynde's people get killed in the flood, and the village is gone.

Arion, Lord of Atlantis 17 - Garn Danuuth returns

Kupperberg, Duursema and Smith bring back Garn Danuuth in Arion, Lord of Atlantis 17 (March 1984).

Arion, Lady Chian and Mara return to Wynnde's village. He wants the aid of the shaman to help him fight against Garn Danuuth, who he can feel struggling within him. Mara is super thrilled to see Wyynde again, but less so once she finds out he is married.

Much of the issue is devoted to the shaman trying to aid Arion, while Garn Danuuth's power increases, and begins to affect things in the village.

As the issue ends, Garn finally escapes from Arion.

Arion, Lord of Atlantis 16 - the beast men

Kupperberg, Duursema and Smith bring back General Balor in Arion, Lord of Atlantis 16 (Feb 84).

Arion reveals to Lady Chian (and the reader) that in his big battle with Garn Danuuth he wound up absorbing his evil brother. Since then, he has felt Garn's presence corrupting him from the inside. 

As they travel back towards Atlantis, Arion, Lady Chian and Mara come across some beast men. The beast men attack them, having a big hate on for all Atlanteans. The beast men were created by Atlantean scientists, and I suspect this is meant to loosely tie in to the New Atlantean from Warlord. General Balor, driven out of the capital city due to his hatred of Arion, has joined forces with the beast men, claiming to hate the Atlanteans as well. He leads the beast men in their fight against Arion and crew.

Meanwhile, Wyynde gets married to Fawndancer. They have a few pages of subplot, and he does grow to care for her, if not head over heels.

At the climax of the story, Arion has been using his sword hilt to fight Balar and the beast men, but it's corrupting influence is taking control of it. Arion discards the hilt, and the beast men decide that Arion has more honour than Balar, and allow him and his friends to leave.

Arion, Lord of Atlantis 15 - Arion battles a Lord of Chaos

Kupperberg, Duursema and Smith pit Arion against Chaon in Arion, Lord of Atlantis 15 (Jan 84).

Picking up from the end of the previous issue, Mara discovers that the priest is really Chaon, Lord of Chaos, but is discovered by Chaon in turn. He uses his magic to prevent Mara from being able to talk about him.

Arion winds up having to use the sword hilt again to fight off the serpent. Lady Chian wakes up, sensing Arion in danger, and comes down into the pit below the temple to help him. They are joined by Mara, who struggles to tell them about Chaon, but is unable to.

Meanwhile, we catch up with Wyynde, who agrees to his forthcoming marriage, required as leader of the tribe.

Mara finds that, in her telepathic dragon form, she is able to communicate and inform Arion about Chaon. Though by that point it almost doesn't matter. Arion, Lady Chian and Mara fight against the Lord of Chaos, who lives up to his name. In the middle of battle he rewards Arion with some spiffy new armour, but Arion still tosses Chaon into a magical fire.

Arion, Lord of Atlantis 14 - the priest of Mu

Kupperberg and Duursema are joined by Robert Smith for Arion, Lord of Atlantis 14 (Dec 83).

Arion, Lady Chian and Mara leave Wyynde with his people, and start to fly back to Atlantis. Their plane is shot down, and they wind up crashing in the ruins of the city of Mu.

Though they had thought the city was abandoned, they do find people living in the ruins, and they're hostile. Arion winds up using his sword hilt, which works almost like a light sabre, with a beam of energy emerging from it. But using it makes Arion feel uncomfortable, and he decides to hold off the crowds with some basic illusions.

They wind up meeting a priest of Mu, and though Chian and Arion trust him, Mara does not. The priest offers to take them to shelter, but leads Arion to a chamber where he gets attacked by rats, and a giant serpent.

Mara splits off and finds her own path, and discovers that the priest is really the Lord of Chaos Chaon.