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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Thriller 1 - Thriller debuts

Oh, goodness, I am up to Thriller. I didn't buy this book when it came out, and in fact had never read an issue until yesterday. I am not looking forward to writing it up, I can tell you that. The series, which debuted with the Nov 83 issue, is by Robert Loren Fleming and Trevor Von Eeden, both of whom have done other work that I really love.

But this book? Not so much. The first issue is actually better than many of the others, though that isn't saying much. The main character, Daniel, is recruited during this issue, and quickly meets the Seven Seconds (he is actually numbered among them), as well as their ethereal boss, Thriller. The villain in the issue is a would be terrorist, Scabbard, who wants to kill the president.

There is no question that Von Eeden's art is excellent. There are also quite a few really good scenes. On the other hand, this is exceptionally difficult to follow, as everything rushes by so quickly.

The other members of the Seven Seconds, Crackerjack, Salvo, Satin, Proxy, Data and Beaker Parish, do weird things, but with little explanation at first. Thriller herself is not defined. Now, I have read many very good books where a lot is left unexplained in the first issue, and reading it yesterday, I still had hope for the book.

There are some clear recurring elements to the series. Family will be a central theme, developed with many of the characters, some of whom are related to each other, though those relationships take a while to become clear. There is also a recurring "only outpatients," and "flesh wounds only" thing, which relates to Salvo in this issue. It comes back in a later one, and gave me the feeling of being part of something bigger.

Thriller uses her team, the Seven Seconds, to stop people like Scabbard from doing bad things. That is about the only thing I can say with certainty by the end of the first issue.

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