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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Thriller 4 - the explanatory ad

Thriller 4 (Feb 84) makes things so much clearer, although that has nothing to do with the actual Fleming and Von Eeden story. Dreadful cover for this one.

The battle with Scabbard ends, as the villain gets beheaded by a helicopter blade. This is significant, as Scabbard will actually return in the Ambush Bug miniseries, and mention is made of the beheading.

But that's about the only thing in this issue that is clear. Some lovely art, though. We find out that when Thriller tries to take over something organic is goes very bad for her and the entity involved.

This issue, and all DC books from this month, contain a "Meanwhile..." column, which is essentially an ad for Thriller. I recall seeing this, and had perused it in the past. Yesterday, I read it in detail. I found out sooooo much about what was going on in this book, and who the characters were. Little things I had noticed, but had not made sense of, were explained clearly here. This page needed to be in the first issue! And though it did not increase my enjoyment in the latest issue, it did revive me, ready to dive into the next issue of Thriller with some grounding on who the characters were.

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