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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Thriller 5 - Kane Creole

Kane Creole, a character clearly meant to be Elvis Presley (one of his first movies was King Creole), gets introduced by Fleming and Von Eeden in Thriller 5 (March 1984).

People are surprised when the see Kane, as everyone believed the rock star had died. He sings and plays guitar just like the real thing, though. But his guitar is also a gun, and he robs banks. 

I started the issue all revived and ready to enjoy it, and I did for a while. It's a bit weird to have Kane, robbing banks for no apparent reason. He even shoots Crackerjack, the youngest member of the Seven Seconds, though his bullets are just tranq darts.

There is a really nice sequence, with Thriller's husband communicating with the spirit of his dead wife through a letter. He can become Thriller, but she is not part of that entity when he is.  I still wasn't too clear on what was going on. Kane Creole is an impostor, it seems, but the reason for the bank robberies puzzled me. But at least I was no longer dreading going on to the next issue.

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