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Thursday, 14 June 2018

Thriller 7 - a computer goes rogue

Thriller 7 (June 1984) is the last issue by the original creative team, Fleming and Von Eeden.

Kane Creole is around in this one. Two versions of him, anyway. One looks like older Elvis, and the other looks younger. Turns out the older one is the original clone, and the younger is the clone of the clone. Glad that all got straightened out, although it's also sort of irrelevant, as the character doesn't appear again.

The family elements keep going on, although I find those difficult to follow for the most part. Like everything else in this book. They also get so twisted and complicated that I just cannot bother devoting time to covering them. They do evoke some nice art by Von Eeden though.

The one thing that is clear by the end of this issue is that a computer, designed to control nuclear systems, has taken on sentience, and become a threat to the planet.

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