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Monday, 2 July 2018

Infinity, Inc 18 - Harbinger comes for Obsidian

Pablo Marcos joins the Thomases and McFarlane for Infinity, Inc 18 (Sept 85), the first of quite a few issues that are crossovers with Crisis on Infinite Earths. As with All-Star Squadron, Thomas milks Crisis for all it is worth in Infinity, Inc, as this would bring Earth-2 to an end, and change the series for good.

We, as well as Fury and Silver Scarab, learn more about Helix in this issue. Mr Bones has taken Arak, Baby Boom, Penny Dreadful and Kritter on a Beverly Hill excursion, leaving Tao Jones to guard their captives. We find out that all of the Helix had mothers who had been patients of Dr Love, who performed some DNA experiments on them. The kids were born with strange powers and mutations. Dr Love took them all and raised them away from the world. He died, in circumstances Jones does not want to discuss, and now they are trying to figure out how to live. They saw the press conference, and decided to get money by kidnapping Hector, who had been raised with everything they feel they are entitled to.

While the Infinitors try to get a line on where their missing members might be, and Obsidian tries to figure out what to feed a kanga, the Harlequin pops by to pay a brief, mysterious visit with Rose and Thorn. Harlequin clearly knows more about this woman than the reader does, and seems to be protective of Jade and Obsidian.

The chaos Helix causes on their "shopping spree" alerts the police, who contact Obsidian. He fights them, but then chooses to follow them back to their lair in shadow form. Silver Scarab and Fury get free, but then Harbinger shows up, freezing time and demanding that Obsidian follow her. This leads them directly into the pages of Crisis on Infinite Earths 1.

By that point the Star-Spangled Kid, Jade, Nuklon and Northwind have also arrived on the scene, and they begin to battle Helix. Mr Bones accidentally touches Jade, who collapses from his cyanide touch. The Helix members flee as the Infinitors try to get help for Jade.

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