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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Infinity, Inc 20 - red sky storms

The Crisis storms get worse as Michael Bair joins the Thomases, McFarlane and Montano on Infinity, Inc 20 (Nov 85).

Some time has passed since the conclusion of the JLA/JSA/II team up, and the Infinitors are back on Earth-2. Jade, Northwind, Silver Scarab and Fury work with Green Lantern and Starman to deal with a deadly tornado at the top of this issue.

But most of the action takes place in the hospital introduced in the previous one. Nuklon is getting a check up from Dr Mid-Nite and Beth Chapel, and runs into Hourman and his son, Rick.

Rick is interested in art school and/or becoming a superhero. Rex Tyler wants his son to become a doctor, and tries to get Charles and Beth to push him into it. The awkward scene ends when the red sky storms set off an earthquake, threatening to bring down the hospital.

Hourman and Dr Mid-Nite join Nuklon in try to evacuate the patients and staff, but Hourman gets knocked out by a falling brick. Beth Chapel is trapped inside, and Rick takes a Miraclo pill to give himself powers, to try to save her. This doesn't exactly work as planned, as a canister of oxygen explodes right in front of Beth, blinding her.

Beth has already figured out that McNider is Dr Mid-Nite, and with bitter humour refers to herself as the new Dr Midnight. Rick is more serious, telling his father that he wants to become the new Hourman. Based on the uniform he has designed for himself, I think dropping out of art school is the wise choice.

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