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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Infinity, Inc 21 - the new Hourman and Dr Midnight

The Thomases, McFarlane, Montano and DeZuniga get the new Hourman and Dr Midnight into costume in Infinity, Inc 21 (Dec 85), another Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover.

The story picks up from the ending of the Annual, with the party after Green Lantern and Harlequin's wedding. All the Justice Society members show up for that, even Sandman and Johnny Thunder, who are usually left solidly in the retirement closet at this time. 

There is a lot of light comedic interplay, especially with Star-Spangled Kid's undrinkable punch. Brainwave Jr makes his return as well, to Jade's delight.

Yolanda Montez was not invited, nor even brought along by Wildcat. But she is determined to attend, and we see that claws are not the only meta-human trait she possesses.

It's all fun and games until the bouquet gets tossed. That's the moment Harbinger returns, taking all of the costumed heroes with her onto the Monitor's satellite, for the big sequence from Crisis 5.

The action then shifts to the south, as Hourman heads to check on Beth Chapel. He has some trouble with local cops, who find his Miraclo, but Rick changes into Hourman and breaks himself out of jail. Beth is the daughter of a minister, so feeling all shunned by god and everything with her blindness.

Some of the Anti-Monitor's shadow demons show up, and in the fray the bandages get ripped off of Beth's eyes. She discovers that she has gained enhanced visual powers, though they only work in darkness. Even so, Hourman is still more effective against the shadow things.

Hourman then designs Beth a costume so that she can become Dr Midnight. I like the way the crescent moon is done, but the bits hanging off the sleeves seem impractical for either combat or surgery. Not that they have much time to work on this, as someone starts firing cannonballs into Beth's home.

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