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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Infinity, Inc 22 - aboard the Monitor's satellite

Mike Clark joins the Thomases, McFarlane and DeZuniga on Infinity, Inc 22 (Jan 86), another Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover.

The first part of this story takes place aboard the Monitor's satellite, expanding on the sequence in Crisis 5. There are tons of cameos, including Jemm, Son of Saturn, Firehair, and even some members of the Legion of Super-Heroes, Blok, Colossal Boy and Bouncing Boy, the last of which seems to be having a great time. I enjoy a lot of the byplay in this scene, even the little side bits, such as Plastic Man and Elongated Man meeting up. The Infinitors talk with members of the Justice Society, trying to get a grip on what is going on.

Mr Bones and Helix are also on the satellite, and the Infinitors, as well as Hawkman and Hawkgirl, are none too happy about not apprehending them. Mr Bones makes himself as obnoxious as possible, blowing smoke in Hawkgirl's face. I'm truly amazed Hawkman had the restraint not to just bash his head in with a mace.

Star Spangled Kid takes advantage of the situation to try to find a date, coming on to Jonni Thunder and Wonder Girl in quick succession. This is Jonni Thunder's first appearance since her miniseries.

Solomon Grundy has also been brought to the satellite from Feithera, and Green Lantern and Jade have to restrain him so that Alexander Luthor can begin addressing the assembly, explaining to all what is going on in the Crisis.

At this point the story cuts back to Hourman and Dr Midnight. Dr Midnight's night vision is so good she can see great distances, and is able to help Hourman aim one of the cannonballs, throwing it back to destroy the cannon itself.

The pair then deal with some nasty Civil War soldiers. Oddly, these are shown to be northern soldiers, rather then Confederate ones, despite being portrayed as hateful, deadly racists. The heroes have a harder time dealing with the time displaced jerks than they should, particularly as the guys are consistently being freaked out by cars and helicopters and such.

In the end it is not the heroes who drive them away, but a time displaced dinosaur in a cave. 

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