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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Infinity, Inc 23 - Solomon Grundy saves Feithera

Mike Harris joins the Thomases, McFarlane, Montano and DeZuniga for another Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, in Infinity, Inc 23 (Feb 86).

This issue opens with a scene that parallels one from Crisis 7. Liberty Belle, the Atom and Green Arrow look out over the chaos resulting from the Crisis, and as they discuss the situation Yolanda Montez makes her costumed debut as Wildcat. She watches the heroes, but they do not see her.

Amid the chaos the Star-Spangled Kid sees Jonni Thunder being attacked by what appears to be a lightning version of herself.. He comes to her rescue, but does not notice the villain watching them. He is not identified in this issue, but it's Knodar, an old foe of the Earth-2 Green Lantern. That plot thread will be developed in the following issue.

This one gives most of its focus to Jade, Northwind and Brainwave Jr, as they head to Feithera. Northwind is determined to reach his home city, even though it means flying into dangerous, stormy winds. Brainwave is forced to knock him out with a mental blast, for fear he will injure himself on the trip. We see that Brainwave is still not completely in control of his powers, as illusions of his parents manifest when he is tired. He and Jade take advantage of Northwind being knocked out to have sex in the cave. Very romantic.

The next day they all arrive in Feithera. The bird people have gone to their Hall of Music to prepare for the end, as a glacier is approaching the city, threatening to destroy it. Northwind pleads with them to move somewhere else, but they will not listen.

Grundy had been returned to Feithera after the meeting on the Monitor's satellite, but they released him as the glacier approached. Jade goes out to try to stop the wall of ice, and finds Grundy there as well. Grundy is actually able to drive the ice back with his punches, and Jade convinces him to help her in holding the ice back.

Meanwhile, Brainwave reaches into the collective minds of the Feitherans, and shows them images of their ancestors founding and building the city. This makes them realize they should move away from the glacier and build another city, and they fly off.

Jade had promised to take Solomon Grundy to safety, but by the time the Feitherans have left their city it is too late. The glacier collapses, burying Grundy and the remains of the city. 



    What happened? August 2017 is a looooong time ago...

    1. I was actually just discussing this with the Bin yesterday. I have been working on two shows for this year's Winnipeg Fringe, both of which I wrote. They go up at the end of this month. I didn't realize how much it would consume me, basically for an entire year. Going to be re-starting my column when I get back to Toronto in August, so basically almost a year later! I believe my next entry was for the Flash. I actually wrote it before I stopped, but hadn't got around to taking the screen caps yet!

  2. If that’s anything like Massachusetts’ Fringe, it must be awesome!

  3. I think after Feithera has been saved, we need to send Grundy a few degree latitude south to save our host in Winnipeg! ;)