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Thursday, 11 October 2018

Legion of Super-Heroes 21 - the Emerald Empress escapes, and Wildfire tests Quislet

Two more Levitz stories in Legion of Super-Heroes 21 (April 1986).

LaRocque, Mahlstedt and DeCarlo provide the art on the lead story. Lightning Lass, Shrinking Violet, Star Boy, Colossal Boy, Chameleon Boy and Timber Wolf have to transport the captives from Takron-Galtos, destroyed during the Crisis to the new prison planet. The villains are still doing all they can to fight the Legionnaires and escape from them.

Brainiac 5 sneaks into Sensor Girl's room, and makes a couple of significant discoveries. He finds her flight ring, and also a hologlobe. He wonders why a person who can apparently see everything would need a hologlobe in order to watch a planet, but before he can figure anything further Sensor Girl catches him, and kicks him out. The globe and the ring are really the best clues as to her identity. Not that I figured it out back in the day.

I really enjoy the various relationships that Levitz gave to the Legionnaires. Ultra Boy, Mon-El, Phantom Girl and Shadow Lass have their own close friendship, and though the boys act as if all is good, Shadow Lass confides to Tinya that Mon-El's serum, which protects him from lead poisoning, has been wearing off.

The Emerald Empress decides to form a new Fatal Five, in the midst of the fight on the transport ship. Sensor Girl becomes alerted to the chaos, and arrives there seemingly instantly.

The usually arrogant Empress sees an equal in Sensor Girl, and asks her to join her new Fatal Five. Sensor Girl is coldly dismissive of the idea, but fails to stop the Empress escaping with her old partner, Persuader.

Paris Cullins and Gary Martin do the art on the back-up story, which has Wildfire running tests on Quislet, to get a better sense of his powers.

I really liked Qusilet, both his abilities and his cheerfully chaotic personality. He is happy to show off how long it takes his constructs to crumble, but eventually gets tired of it all and takes over Wildfire's costume, causing it to explode.

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