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Thursday, 11 October 2018

Legion of Super-Heroes 22 - Universo's plans

Levitz, LaRocque and DeCarlo turn the focus to Universo in Legion of Super-Heroes 22 (May 1986).

Universo is dealt with extremely well during this run of Legion. He subtly positioned himself at the side of the new President of Earth, and in this story he has a hypnotized pawn who he sends out on a mission.

The Legionnaires who are accompanying the prisoners from Takron-Galtos arrive at the new prison planet, Labyrinth. Chameleon Boy discuss this with Sensor Girl, who is unaware of the force-shield Brainiac 5 created to seal Labyrinth, and Chameleon Boy ponders how Sensor Girl, who seems to know everything, seems to not know recent events in the United Planets.

Universo's minion attacks the university. His motives are incoherent, anti-technology, but he uses stolen high tech weaponry. In his assault, Rond Vidar gets seriously wounded.

We also get a brief scene following up on Shadow Lass' revelation from the previous issue, as Mon-El worries about his very survival, now that his anti-lead serum is no longer working well.

The Legion bring Rond Vidar to the hospital, but we see that his doctor is another of Universo's hypnotized pawns.

There is a very peculiar exchange between Lightning Lass and Shrinking Violet. Violet comments about changing every part of her life, and asks Lightning Lass if she has done the same. This scene is meant to represent some lesbian discussion, but does so in such an exceptionally roundabout way that it comes off just weird. Still, it's all but impossible to put any other meaning on the vague dialogue to two women exchange.

The Legion defeat the bad guy, but Tellus is unable to breach his mind, which turns "inwards," and the guy becomes a vegetable. Universo is pleased. The actual target was Rond Vidar all along, and he managed to incapacitate his son without arousing the Legion's suspicions.

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