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Monday, 8 July 2019

Captain Atom 34 - Dr Spectro kidnaps Catherine Corbet

Tom Grindberg joins Bates and Kayanan as Dr Spectro exploits his knowledge of Captain Atom's loss of powers in issue 34 (Oct 89).

At the top of the issue, Captain Atom is with Justice League Europe, explaining the mysterious loss of his powers, and decision to continue operating anyway. Power Girl, Flash, Metamorpho, and Animal Man are all supportive, while Elongated Man is more interested in the mystery behind the power loss. Sue Dibny appears as well, but it's Catherine Corbet who scours the computer files, looking for anything that could help. Still, she finds nothing.

General Eiling and Dr Megala are examining the Silver Shield. Its reduction rate is increasing, and Megala has confirmed that the quantum pulse it is emitting is causing the problems for Major Force and Captain Atom, but that still doesn't help them do anything about it.

Dr Spectro has been released from prison, but is upset to see his payoffs have been decreased. When he sees the news about Captain Atom going back to his old costume but still in possession of all his powers, he knows that this is more of a cover up, and correctly guesses that the hero has lost his abilities. He uses hypnotic lenses to take control of Catherine Corbet, and sends a ransom note to the League.

Sue is the one to receive the ransom demand. She wants to call in the rest of the team, but Captain Atom insists on handling Spectro himself.

It proves easier than either had expected. He knows of Spectro's hypnotic lenses, and wears shaded contact lenses to nullify their power. When it comes to hand to hand combat, Captain Atom can easily trounce the guy, and does. 

Meanwhile, Dr Sarrok and Homer Lockleed arrive at the base where the Silver Shield is. The moment Sarrok approaches the Shield the humming stops, and the machine emits a beam that makes contact with Sarrok.

As it turns out, the jamming has also decreased. Dr Spectro left Catherine in a death trap, but Captain Atom's powers return just in time for him to save her. They are not all back, but he can once again emit his quantum bursts.

So as the issue ends he adopts the second of his fictive outfits, and confronts Eiling and Megala, demanding to know the truth about the Silver Shield.

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