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Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Captain Atom 41 - Captain Atom's birthday

Nathaniel Adam chooses a strange way to celebrate his 50th birthday in Captain Atom 41 (May 1990), as Ken Penders joins Bates, Weisman, and Tanghal.

Nathaniel Adam is having a small celebration, just him and Catherine Corbet. Things start to get hot between them, but he is having a hard time getting over his dead wife, and pulls back when Catherine kisses him.

Of course, he then feels like a total fool for doing so. He heads to the embassy, where Metamorpho is on monitor duty. The two wind up fighting over which of them has the more screwed up situation, since Metamorpho was also believed dead, and his wife and child are no longer a part of his life. Metamorpho makes a comment about how all their problems will be resolved when they are all in Heaven, which is weirdly religious for the character. But the line is there more to prompt Adam's memory, and give him an idea.

The action cuts back to the US, where Eiling and some others are examining the burned remains of Megala, Allard, and Babylon. Reports from survivors insist that Megala was back in his wheelchair, and wearing his eyepatch, while in Kobra's custody. So Eiling deduces that it couldn't have been the real Megala, just a double, which means that Allard and Babylon might still be alive as well.

Captain Atom heads to Las Vegas, calling on Chester King, Red Tornado, and Silver Shield. He tells them about how he saw his dead wife, Angela, while he and Tornado were in the quantum field. Tornado insists that it was a vision, not the real Angela, but for Captain Atom, the chance to speak to her once more is too great for him to care. He has Tornado bring him back into that world, act as a chaperone, to pull him back out if he gets too far, while Silver Shield and Chester are to watch over his body.

This works at first, and Adam winds up reliving his first meeting with Angela, falling in love with her and marrying her. Angela wants him to stay with her.

Captain Atom decides to do so, so Red Tornado goes into action, trying to drag him back. Captain Atom won't listen to reason, and fights Tornado off, choosing to stay in the quantum field.

That results in his body losing its metallic skin, terrifying Chester, who finds Adam no longer has a heartbeat. Angela becomes the Black Racer, escorting Adam into the afterlife.

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