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Thursday, 11 July 2019

Captain Atom 52 - the Dominator at the clinic

Dan Raspler, Michael Adams, and Romeo Tanghal turn in a weird little adventure in Captain Atom 52 (April 1991).

The story opens with Captain Atom out in space, as seen on the cover. As he returns to Earth, he recalls how he wound up there. There was a silly scene in which government agents come to inform him that he was made the head of a department at the FBI during the Invasion, but not informed about it, since it was on a need to know basis. But now they need him, so he needs to know. A trail of discarded Dominator clothing has been found along a highway. The FBI guys insist there is nothing at all in the area, no military sites or anything, just a gestalt centre. Remarking on their obvious oversight, Captain Atom heads to the gestalt clinic.

Sure enough the Dominator is there, and was welcomed. The head of the clinic is a super positive person, who believes that all the Dominator needed was to be welcomed. He has been growing some very unusual plants, which are all over the clinic. Captain Atom suspects the Dominator of plotting some world conquest, but that turns out not to be the case.

The guy isn't completely on the up and up, though, and every time that Captain Atom approaches him he keeps quantum popping him out into space, using his plant based technology. 

This happens three times, before Captain Atom realizes he just needs to confront the man as Nathaniel Adam, and the teleportation effect won't work. The Dominator turns out to have been creating and selling drugs, using the clinic as a cover. He gets arrested, but when it is found that he had been selling to a major drug lord that the Feds were after, they get him to turn state's evidence, and put him into the witness protection program.

So the story closes on a really bizarre note, with the Dominator now trying to blend in by living the life of a farmer.

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