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Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Justice League America 27 - Amanda Waller vs Blue Beetle

I absolutely love the Exorcist cover for Justice League America 27 (June 1989), as Giffen, DeMatteis, Templeton, Rubinstein, and Dick Giordano bring Amanda Waller to deprogram Blue Beetle.

Oberon comes to Belle Reve Prison at the top of the tale, asking for Amanda Waller's help in dealing with Blue Beetle's mind control. They banter rudely with each other for a bit. Oberon starts to apologize, but Waller insists that she was just starting to like him.

The embassy is pretty much on lockdown, between Beetle and Fire's mysterious condition. Booster Gold and Ice hang out at a diner, both expressing their frustration at not being able to help their closest friends.

Amanda Waller arrives, and meets with Beetle. He feels like everything is normal with his mind, but he knows what had happened to him. The scene begins pretty low key, but when Amanda repeats the words from the phone call, "Bialya my Bialya," Beetles' programming activates again, and he attacks Waller. She gets the better of him only because of his leg injury.

Mister Miracle and Big Barda get a brief scene during the night, also worrying about the situation at the embassy. This scene makes reference to some events from Miracle's own book, which recently launched.

And Oberon comes to check on Fire, who is back in bed. The two develop a really nicely done friendship as the series goes on.

Waller hypnotizes Blue Beetle, and we discover that the Queen Bee and Jack O'Lantern subjected him to brainwashing while he was in Bialya, learning the secret identities of both him and Booster Gold. But Beetle had also been programmed against this kind of intrusion, and he winds up going into a coma.

Waller is left feeling like she just made things worse, although neither Batman nor Maxwell Lord lay any blame on her.

The story ends with Batman heading over to Dr Fate's place. Fate is not in, but Nabu, in the body of Kent Nelson, is, and agrees to help out.

The story continues, but not directly in the next issue.

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