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Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Justice League America 32 - Simon Stagg explains

Art Nichols joins Giffen, DeMatteis, and Hughes for the third chapter of The Teasdale Imperative, a JLA/JLE crossover in Justice League America 32 (Nov 89).

While this issue does include members from both Justice League America and Justice League Europe fighting against the not-vampires, more of this issue is devoted to explaining the situation that the Leaguers find themselves in.

There is still some comedics as well, with most of the serious action in the crossover tale relegated to Justice League Europe. Simon Stagg and Java, who had been hovering at the fringes of the tale, arrive, since the entire situation is really Stagg's fault.

The villain of the story, Teasdale, had been a scientist working for Stagg. He had developed the serum that turned people into vampiric beings, and Stagg talked him into testing it out on human subjects.

The test went off without a hitch, except that Teasdale was supposed to be killed at the end, by the helicopter pilot. Teasdale crashed the chopper, surviving the impact, and now wants vengeance on Stagg. The route that Teasdale, and his army of mindless minions, is following leads to a Stagg facility with a massive container of the toxin.

Dr Fate and the Spectre have small roles in the story, meeting with the Lords of Order. The Gray Man's involvement in the situation has lead the two of them there. Dr Fate blames the Lords of Order for this distant way of dealing with their own agents, allowing yet another Gray Man to exploit his position in a dangerous way. But the Lords of Order do not like being yelled at, and send Fate away.

The chapter ends with Teasdale's army approaching the Stagg facility they have been aiming for all along.

The story concludes in the next issue of Justice League Europe.

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