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Wednesday, 17 July 2019

The Spectre 10 - assault on the Sonic Temple

The Moench and Morrow story in The Spectre 10 (Jan 88) is a Millennium crossover, one of four this week that relate a big assault on the Manhunter's Sonic Temple. All four featured images of the heroes entering the swamp, but unfortunately, due to The Spectre being printed on a different paper stock, the colour of this cover does not match those from Detective Comics, Captain Atom, and Suicide Squad. It's a real shame, as it was a neat idea on harmonizing the covers.

The story picks up from Millennium 4, in which Madame Xanadu was attacked by a Manhunter agent in her shop. The Spectre is able to determine that the man came from Louisiana, so he enters Jim Corrigan, and demands that Jim and Kim Liang head down there.

Once they arrive, the Spectre leaves Jim, ordering him to stay out of trouble, while he goes after the Manhunters. Jim is not happy about this, and when he and Kim overhear a man talking about strange being capturing people in the swamp, they head to investigate.

The Spectre has no trouble finding a Manhunter, but when he enters the robot, is surprised to find that he is not able to take it over. The Manhunter robots seem to be somewhere between animate and inanimate. He is actually disrupting the robots controls severely, although the Spectre has no idea what effect he is having. He finds a key, and uses this to pass to a second robot. Then another key, which sends him into another robot, and so on.

Though unaware, the Spectre actually saves Jim's life at one point, disrupting a Manhunter about to attack him. Batman shows up, in a crossover bit with Detective Comics, but doesn't actually do anything in this book.

The Spectre decides to try a different tack, inhabiting the key instead. This sends him into another spiral, but one that he can sense is different. This brings him closer to the hive mind, the source of the orders being sent out that control all the robots.

The Spectre is able to block the signal, which causes all of the robots in the proximity of the Sonic Temple to collapse dead. There is a slight tie-in with Suicide Squad as well, as the Spectre sense the spirit of Karin Grace passing on. 

Not the most dramatic issue, but I like how it ties in with the other books this week.

The story continues in the next issue of Millennium.

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