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Monday, 22 July 2019

The Spectre 29 - something happens to Praxis

Moench, Artis and Gula bring the Ghosts in the Machine storyline to an end in The Spectre 29 (Sept 89).

The Spectre enters the digital world again, confronting and battling Redditch, while in the real world Pete Quarral and Praxis try to stop the nuclear war that he is triggering. The Spectre has alerted them to keep watch on Redditch's corpse.

As with the previous issue, there are some really good visuals in the scenes within the digital world. The Spectre is able to force Redditch out of it and back into his own body.

Quarral and Praxis are in the morgue when this happens, and they manage to burn Redditch's corpse. There appears to be no trace of his consciousness after this, either in his body or in the computer world. And once he is dead, everyone is freed from his control. But during the brief period when he had left the virtual world, before he died, there was a strange electrical effect that appeared around Praxis.

As far as the Spectre and Jim Corrigan are concerned, the case is closed. Praxis also leaves town, but we see in his eyes that something has happened to alter him. He will return for his own back up series in Justice League Quarterly.

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