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Wednesday, 17 July 2019

The Spectre 9 - The Spectre and Madame Xanadu have weird sex

Gray Morrow takes over the art on The Spectre with issue 9 (Dec 87), joining Moench just in time for my favourite story from the run. Mike Mignola provides the cover.

As this issue begins, Jim Corrigan is talking to Kim Liang about a conversation he had with the Spectre. The ghost insists that he is able to pick up the desire to murder before the person acts on it. So he can actually prevent murders, by killing the killers before they do it. Jim is not keen on this notion at all, insisting that the Spectre cannot possibly know what a person will actually do, no matter what they are thinking of doing. Intercut with this, we see the Spectre putting his theory into practice, coalescing from a green mist to enact vengeance-in-advance.

These scenes are also intercut with ones of a naked Madame Xanadu writhing around in a bed, with green mist floating around her. She and the Spectre are having some form of sex, and her participation, with her precognitive powers, are what is enabling the Spectre to pull off this foreknowledge thing on such a large scale.

But Corrigan is not happy about it, and spends the day walking around New York City with Kim, going on and on about how he feels he needs to stop the Spectre from these advance killings, one way or another. It takes Kim Liang a ridiculous amount of time before she realizes that the Spectre is not inside Jim, and hasn't been for a very long time. He is trying to kill the Spectre by keeping them apart past the time limit.

The Spectre hasn't really noticed, since he was primarily in a mist form, and because Xanadu was enhancing his powers. But after two full nights a a day in between, even the Spectre is feeling worn out, and realizes he needs to recharge, but that Corrigan is not around.

The Spectre flies off and finds Jim hiding in an alley. Corrigan does not want to let the Spectre back in, but the ghost points out that, if he did not have the ability to foresee a person's desire to kill, he would not have been able to sense those feelings from Corrigan, and track him down so easily. Jim feels checkmated, and they merge.

Except it has been shown that the Spectre is naturally drawn to where Corrigan is. So the Spectre was just lying to Corrigan at the conclusion. Not that it makes a lot of difference. The thought balloons of the would-be killers had already proved the Spectre's ability to see their crimes before they committed them.

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