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Monday, 19 August 2019

pausing the blog for a bit

Hello dear readers!

For a variety of reasons, I am putting the blog on hold for the next couple of months. Partly this is because of a situation with the reviews I have been doing for, and partly this is because I am working on a play and a book, and the extra time will be put to good use on those.

Now, some of you, Earth-Two in particular, know that I put my column on the history of DC characters on hold a couple of years back, and have yet to get back to it. Believe me, I am aware of my promise, and that will resume at the end of October as well.

The universe confirmed that this was the correct decision to make, when at 7:45 this morning the city started digging up the back alley. They are repaving it, and it's so incredibly loud and annoying, making all writing difficult at best.

So I swear to you, on a stack of Sandman, that at the end of October I will pick up where I left off on both, the Destiny's Hand storyline in Justice League America for the blog, and the Flash in the late 60s for the column.

Thanks for your support, and all the kind messages that I get from readers. They mean a lot to me!




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  2. Still don't understand how Supergirl #21 is part of "DC Comics History"?