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Friday, 14 February 2020

Flash 219 - Zoom helps the Cheetah

Josue Justiniano and Walden Wong join Johns and Livesay for the first half of a two part story that crosses over into the pages of Wonder Woman, bringing together Zoom and the Cheetah, in Flash 219 (April 2005).

The story opens with the Cheetah performing a ritual to her god, Urzkartaga. She explains to Zoom that she freed him (except he didn't need her help) so that he would give her super speed. Zoom explains that he is not attached to the time line. He doesn't think he could aid the Cheetah, but she's being very seductive, so Zoom sticks around.

Back at Iron Heights, the Flash and Ashley Zolomon theorize that it was the Turtle slowing down time that allowed Zoom to break free of the time loop he had been trapped in. Surveillance footage reveals that the Cheetah was there, so the Flash goes to talk to Wonder Woman.

At this time Wonder Woman was blind, the result of her battle with Medousa. Nevertheless, she is doing a good job against Giganta. The Flash helps out, but one gets the sense that Diana would have prevailed anyway.

Captain Cold discusses who might possibly be the mother of the new Captain Boomerang, while Mirror Master shows up with the Turtle, to be a new member of their crew. Weather Wizard arrives with a note from the Top, announcing that he is putting together a band of rogues as well, in order to challenge him. There is no answer as to who Owen's mother might be. Oh, and mention is made of a mission the Trickster is on, one recounted in a "1/2" issue that appeared in Wizard magazine, which I will be covering.

Zoom and the Cheetah talk about Priscilla Rich, the original Cheetah from the 1940s, who apparently has spoken out against the new one. Zoom wants to make Cheetah a better villain, so they head to Rich's house and kill her. The Flash leads Wonder Woman, who has her lasso tied around him, following the trail of the Cheetah's murders, and they arrive at the Rich house.

At first it appears that they arrived too late, but then the Cheetah leaps out to attack Wonder Woman. Zoom has, indeed increased her speed, and the two villains confront the two heroes as the issue ends.

The story concludes in the next issue of Wonder Woman.

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