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Thursday, 26 March 2020

Doom Patrol 6 - Scott Fischer debuts

Erik Larsen takes over the pencilling of Kupperberg and Martin's story in Doom Patrol 6 (March 1988).

Larsen maintains the outfits designed by Lightle in this issue, but will change them as of the next one. The issue picks up directly from the end of the previous one, with the Doom Patrol's plane being brought down by the super powered people from the Oklahoma town. Celsius creates a ball of ice, which Rhea Jones and Karma enter. Negative Woman stays at the plane's controls as long as she can, the uses her Negative energy self to get her body safely to the ground. Tempest can simply fly out on his own and face the ones trying to kill them.

Robotman is having his own challenges trying to catch up to the team, though these are of the annoyance level, rather than the deadly one. And he, in turn, is still being monitored by the mysterious man behind the desk.

The story briefly cuts back to Kansas City where Larry Trainor is plotting against Negative Woman, but takes time out to allow Scott Fischer, another new member for the team, into the train station base.

The story devolves into a pretty straightforward battle between the Doom Patrol and the nasty super powered people. The man in charge turns out not to be the Chief, which isn't much of a surprise. I do like that we see how Karma's powers keep him from getting injured, but there isn't much else that stands out. Oh, Robotman shows up in time to join the fight.

The very end of the story has Harry Stein catch up with the team, and inform them that the team is needed to help rescue a hero who has been captured in San Salvador. This is the set up for the Doom Patrol/Suicide Squad Special, which comes out before the next issue.

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