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Friday, 11 January 2019

Blue Beetle 12 - the New Teen Titans and Blue Beetle vs the Hybrid

Joey Cavalieri joins Wein, Cullins, and Barras as the team up between Blue Beetle and the New Teen Titans continues in Blue Beetle 12 (May 1987).

While Blue Beetle and the New Teen Titans square off against the Hybrid, Mento celebrates. He had hoped to lure the Titans to him, so that he could kill his adopted son, Changeling. And though he hadn't counted on Blue Beetle getting involved, he doesn't see that as any impediment.

And, gotta say, it's not like Blue Beetle makes much of a difference in the big battle. There are power players, Starfire, Cyborg, and Wonder Girl, who are more able to fight the super powered Hybrid members.

Jericho does screw up, entering Gorgon's body. Mento is already telepathically linked to the Hybrid, so he is able to push Jericho out of the man's body, and then has Gorgon turn the Titan to stone.

Oh, and that guy on the island I have been mocking for so many issues? He finally gets into the room with the suit. Only took him a year to do it!

Back at the fight, Blue Beetle does come to Changeling's aid, and later joins with the Titans to take on the Hybrid, having the team attack each on en masse.

That works well enough, but Mento has been busy at the same time, turning the guy covered with Promethium into the newest member of the Hybrid, Prometheus.

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