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Monday, 11 February 2019

Legends 4 - the heroes who won't stop

Ostrander, Wein, Byrne, and Kesel devote Legends 4 (Feb 87) to the heroes who will not obey the ban against them.

Because the issue is devoted to characters who choose to operate independently despite the anti-hero riots, the story winds up jumping around quite a bit. The tale opens on Black Canary, as she takes down her old enemy, Count Vertigo. Two cops come onto the scene, one of whom is on Canary's side. The pair wind up fighting each other, and the pro-hero cop gets killed by the other, who then blames Canary for the whole incident.

The Phantom Stranger points out that Darkseid has only been going after the heroes on Earth's surface. This prompts Darkseid to send DeSaad to Skartaris, where he will menace Travis Morgan in the pages of Warlord. The Joker also shows up in this issue, doing some art-inspired mass murder.

Batman shows up and, in his fight with the Joker, makes reference to recent events in his own book, the Joker's kidnapping and mind wiping of Catwoman.

Guy Gardner gets another fun scene, taking down some body building thieves.

While Batman and Guy Gardner managed to defeat their opponents before the police show up, Blue Beetle isn't so lucky when he faces Chronos, and has to flee in his bug before he gets shot.

The action then shifts to Dr Fate's tower. Kent Nelson has been monitoring the events of the past weeks. He decides the time has come for Dr Fate to step in. His wife, Inza, is not happy about this. But then, she rarely is, as Fate's persona completely overwrites that of her husband, Kent.

The Suicide Squad also get a brief scene. Despite her deal, Amanda Waller proves to have no intention of releasing the villains on her team. Rick Flag takes issue with that, and turns off the bomb bracelets on his own. Bronze Tiger and Enchantress don't wear them, and Deadshot doesn't seem to care. But Captain Boomerang is eager to go back to his old tricks.

That doesn't turn out so well for him. Flash and Changeling show up to stop his crime spree, but far more dangerous are the warhounds that Godfrey has brought to Earth as his personal army.

The issue ends as Phantom Stranger and Darkseid discuss Superman, who has so far stayed out of the main plot. Darkseid is eager to pull him in, and opens a Boom Tube to Earth, sending his Omega Beams to bring Superman to him. This leads to a three part story running through the Superman titles, and concluding in them. Because all we really want to see Superman do in this book is sit around the White House talking to Reagan.

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